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The UAE is a complete model of peaceful co-existence.

To make this world a better and peaceful place, we need to have cultural interaction with each other. Cultural interaction creates a bridge through which we can understand each other. Interaction is the pillar of friendship and cooperation.

The UAE is a complete model of peaceful co-existence and I completely agree with the words of Omar Saif Ghobash, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Cultural Affairs. (“Cultural diplomacy builds bridges: Ghobash,” Nov.15, Gulf Today.) Cultural diplomacy is what we need to work on. Dr. Ghobash’s article entitles, “Cultural Diplomacy — The Next Fifty” is indeed worth reading and following.

He said, “An appreciation has grown around the world for our nation’s future facing agenda and foundation values as a result of such initiatives, as Expo 2020, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, The Abraham Accord, and the UAE Papal visit amounts many others.”

This is very true. Here in the UAE more than 200 nationalities live together. They all respect each other. People have an awareness about each other. The UAE has shown the world as a perfect model of coexistence and tolerance.

I really appreciate Omar Saif Ghobash for having such a lovely thought. No wonder the UAE has successfully created a bridge for many culture and civilization.

Manish Kumar
by email

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