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The UAE has managed to control COVID-19 cases through extraordinary planning, testing and a countrywide vaccination drive. The way the UAE has handled this crisis is indeed commendable. In managing the pandemic, residents or normal routine were least disturbed. Life was almost normal here. Lots of testing centres quickly were opened. Even drive-in COVID-19 testing centres also started operating to help motorists. (Protect yourself against virus mutants during travel, UAE residents urged,” Gulf Today online, Oct.26,). Many vaccination centres were open in all the Emirates to help residents and citizens.

Now, the winter break and Christmas are fast approaching. A good number of residents are planning to go their home country to meet their families and celebrate the festival. But we need to be very careful. We should not forget that the UAE has managed to control this deadly virus through sheer hard work, therefore, those who are planning an overseas outing must keep in mind that we are not yet over with the fight against the coronavirus. We need to be vigilant while travelling.

We should avoid mixing with lots of people in our home country. Keep in mind social distancing, wear masks and step out in crowded places only when needed. We want to keep the UAE safe. Last but not the least, get yourselves vaccinated before travelling, to keep yourself and your country safe. Let the UAE be a safe place. By following these things we can help the UAE in fighting against the coronavirus.

Shahzad Ali
By email

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