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UAE effectively harnesses AI potential

Artificial intelligence

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The UAE just does not go all out for full-on care of its residents, it also maps new frontiers in futuristic technology. Artificial intelligence is the order of the day.  

The UAE is moving towards an artificial intelligence economy.

Artificial intelligence has greatly helped in tackling COVID-19 with the rapid research on vaccines, and using it for contract tracing, education and public health.

It is also used in another vital field. As the impacts of climate change become more visible worldwide, governments and industry face the urgent challenge of transitioning to a low-carbon global energy system.

Digital technologies — particularly AI – play a key role in this transition and have the potential to deliver the energy sector’s climate goals more rapidly and at lower cost, according to a new study. It identifies high-priority applications of AI in the energy transition, and offers a road map and practical recommendations for the energy and AI industries to maximise AI’s benefits.

The report finds that AI has the potential to create substantial value for the global energy transition. Every 1 per cent of additional efficiency in demand creates $1.3 trillion in value between 2020 and 2050 due to reduced investment needs. AI could achieve this by enabling greater energy efficiency and flexing demand.

AI is already making its mark on many parts of society and the economy. “Governments and companies can collectively create a real tipping point in using AI for a faster energy transition,” said Roberto Bocca, Head of Energy, World Economic Forum.

AI also helps in cementing ties between nations, such as the UAE and US.

“AI is an area that the US is a leader in and it helps both investments and innovations to come out. The UAE positioning itself as an AI economy gives us again another opportunity to strengthen that relationship,” said Thomas Debass, Managing Director of the Office of Global Partnership at the US Department of State.

AI is so powerful and its governance has to be done carefully and transparently from a data privacy and humanity perspective, he stressed.

The UAE is lending itself to be a leader in that space.

The US official emphasised that now the deployment of AI has to be scaled up. “I think AI is going to need a platform to scale up and I think that is where I see the opportunity for collaboration between the US and UAE,” the official said at the US Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) has developed a smart management model for the strategic groundwater storage project — Makhazin Al Khayr.

The model aims to use artificial intelligence systems and machine language to manage and operate wells, determine the quantities of pumped water, and control the water quality, so the water pumped from 315 underground wells remains within the permissible specifications and standards for drinking water in Abu Dhabi.

The project also contributes to significantly reducing costs, reducing human interference in the operation process, and achieving the highest efficiency without any errors.

Recently, the UAE AI CAMP, launched by the National Programme for Artificial Intelligence (AI), attracted more than 15,000 students of different ages, specialisations and educational levels in schools and universities, aiming to empower youth with these skills and advanced technologies.

The camp saw broad participation from students and 15 strategic partnerships, including many national entities and mega international companies specialising in coding and AI, to develop certified digital content that students can benefit from in various fields.

The UAE government pays a considerable deal of attention on bids to enhance youth skills and build competence to shape the future and serve communities.

Artificial intelligence is the next general-purpose technology. It will create a positive spillover effect for all industries, considering its position as the new force driving social transformation.

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