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Legal process

Aryan Khan is escorted to court by NCB officials in Mumbai. File/ AFP

This is with reference to news circulating everywhere in India and across the globe that Aryan Khan, son of superstar Shah Rukh Khan, was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau on Oct.3. Aryan was denied bail, and is now in Mumbai’s Arthur Jail.

This is purely a legal process. But the way the media and social media are giving their own twist to the incident is something very disappointing. The case is sub judice and NCB is doing its duty while lawyers are also trying their level best to win this case. Media and social media should know their limit.

A superstar like Khan should also be respected for his service to the nation and he should not be defamed for a case which is still not clear. If Aryan has done something wrong he will have to face it, but if he has not done anything then he should be spared. People should wait for the judgment. We have no right to talk about anyone until he is proven guilty. Even someone is found guilty, we should allow them to reinvent themselves, no point of making them monsters. If we talk about a civilised society then we should show some sense.

Vinod Pandit — By rmail

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