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Serious concern


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There is a lot of concern that the usage of plastic is increasing day by day all over the world. Crockery, water bottles, polythene, water cans, milk bottles and sachets, cleaning products, medical supplies and much more are being used in our daily lives. Despite banning the use of plastics we have to see these items in big shopping malls, and supermarkets.

It seems that the government is not looking seriously to ban plastics and is unnecessarily warning the people about the use of plastic items.The use of plastic is not affecting the health of the people but it pollutes the cities and villages.

The time has come when the Department of Pollution Control should take the initiative and impose a strict ban on plastics and put a complete stop to selling plastic items in all supermarkets, shopping centres, medical halls and all business centres and corner shops.

There is a need to stop the sale of plastic items in a phased manner and give limited time to stop the sale of plastic items. After the end of the time limit, the Department of Pollution Control should impose a heavy fine and seize all the plastic items and close the manufacturing company. If our government does not take any steps to stop the use of plastics then we can face the bad consequences in terms of health and pollution in the future.

Syed Nisar Mehdi — Hyderabad, India

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