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Healthy progress


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Achieving the top position globally in the list of countries with the highest rate of vaccinated individuals with a single dose adds another feather in UAE’s cap (“UAE’s vaccination rate nears 100% mark,” Sept. 21, Gulf Today).

The reason behind the success is the commitment the leadership and the health authorities have shown right from the time the virus was first detected. It’s heartening to know that 91% of the UAE population has received at least one does of the vaccine.

With 80% of the UAE population having taken two doses of vaccine, the nation ranks second in the world in that category. And with the pace of inoculation undertaken daily, it is only a matter of days before the country nears the 100 per cent mark.

The achievement comes as no surprise because it has been a concerted effort by all entities for nearly two years. There has been a drastic drop in positive cases, so is the case with COVID mortality. Timely sanitation drives, setting up of field hospitals, mass testing centres and screening facilities early on helped the authorities control the spread of virus in record time.

I remember the time when the pandemic first hit us and how we struggled to come to terms with the war-like situation, brought on us by the lockdown and restrictions on movement. But we were also grateful that the authorities were being proactive, providing the people with adequate healthcare. Besides that the government also made sure that there were adequate provisions in the groceries and medical stores during the trying times. As expats we felt fortunate to be in a ‘better’ place compared to our home countries, which were struggling to deal with the pandemic.

In more ways than one the UAE stood apart because of its rapid and robust response, protecting the health and safety of the community with proactive and stringent precautionary measures.

While the recent relaxation granted by health authorities on mask wearing is welcomed, strict monitoring is essential and people need to understand that a violation could land others in trouble besides the guilty.

Finally, those days are behind us and now we are looking at the future. The Expo 2020 Dubai is a few days away. Can’t wait for the curtain to rise on the mega event. That it will be a grand success, is a given.

Carmen R — By email

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