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TV’s night


Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

One of the biggest events in the land of television took place on Sunday night. This week we take a look at the 73rd Emmy Awards which were held in Los Angeles with many critics feeling that the event took a huge step backwards when it comes to diversity.

According to the critics, the winners were somewhat predictable. “The Crown,” a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, was nominated for 24 awards. Yes, you read that right, a whopping 24! Out of those 24, 11 were won including lead actress for Olivia Colman who plays the Queen. A supporting actress award went to Gillian Anderson for her portrayal of prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Actor Tobias Menzies won best supporting actor for his role as Prince Philip and the outstanding writing and directing awards also went to “The Crown.”

Another favourite to win was “Ted Lasso” starring Jason Sudeikis. He won lead actor in a comedy series for his role as an American football coach hired to coach an English soccer team. Having watched the two seasons of this show myself I can say it is really funny and worth watching. Sudeikis definitely deserved that win for his comical acting skills.

In other news this week, turn to our Sport pages to read about the Latvian tennis player Jelena Ostapenko. Jelena won the French Open when she was only 20 years old back in 2017. After a lot of media attention, she is yet to win another Grand Slam. This brings up the case of the British US Open winner Emma Raducanu, I am sure we all know who she is by now, and the huge media interest in her since she won. She is literally everywhere. I wonder if she will go on to build a memorable tennis career or forever be remembered as a one hit wonder?

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