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Exemplary move


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President Biden is absolutely right in taking a tough stand on people shunning the vaccine (“Biden slams millions of unvaccinated Americans,” Sept.11, Gulf Today).

The pandemic has claimed more than 650,000 lives in America and presently over 1,500 are dying daily. If the current rate prevails, the country will break the one million marks in a couple of months.

When I say a couple of months, it feels like a long time. But it is not long when a loved one dies because of the rash behaviour of a neighbour or a fellow traveler in public transport or a colleague in the workplace.

I feel Biden had exercised restrain, but now the time has come to get tough or perish. And he has cracked the whip.

His rather bold vaccine ultimatum that requires all private businesses with more than 100 staffers to either vaccinate or take weekly coronavirus test will invite lawsuits and could face legal hurdles. And that’s fine.

The past two years have disrupted our lives. Lockdowns, zoom funerals, travel restrictions etc have taken the joy out of our lives. And yet some of us choose not to use the weapon we have at hand against the enemy.

Vaccines have proven to be highly effective in reducing mortality rate and infections. Why should there be a legislation to push us to do what is prudent? It’s unfortunate that Americans who pride themselves in being leaders, need to be governed.

Biden has also set the precedent for leaders of other countries.

Abdul Salaam — By email

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