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India needs to keep its guards on to fight off further COVID-19 outbreaks. Reuters

India should pay heed to Dr Samiran Panda’s suggestions if it is to avoid another COVID-19 wave from hitting the country (“Rise in cases in some states indicates third wave: ICMR,” Aug 31, Gulf Today).

The nation has fine doctors and advisers, unfortunately the decision makers callously ignore them until a tragedy strikes. The second wave of COVID-19 brought India to its knees, only because it refused to act on the warnings given repeatedly by scientists and the medical fraternity.

The mega spreaders of the virus were the political rallies and other mass gathering licenced by the authorities. Brandishing approvals from civic and police authorities, the organizers blatantly threw all caution to the winds. What ensued was hard to digest. Hospitals packed to capacity, people dying in hordes and crematoriums unable to give a decent farewell to those dead.

Now, Dr Panda, the Head of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research, has given the blueprint for our safety. It is left up to the authorities to make sure that the guidelines are adhered to. Will India listen? Time will tell.

Prashant Nabidopaty
By email

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