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Happy Onam


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From epic folk tales to hundreds of men rowing boats to the beat of drums and cymbals accompanied by a magnificent display of fireworks, Onam, the annual harvest festival, is a splendid time for Malayalees (people from Kerala) all around the world. Starring at the glittering and colourful advertisements relating to the festival on my smartphone, got me into the spirit of Onam. And despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, I am sure Onam will be celebrated this year with as much fervour as in the previous years.

In the midst of our frantic lifestyle, we should now take a little time off to relish the festive spirit with our loved ones. What’s the fun of Onam without traditional rituals, homemade curries, sweet payasam, and of course the traditional dance? Residing in Dubai I can reckon how the revelries may have kick-started in full swing back home.

My wife has been beseeching me for the last few days to head to some Indian stores as she wants to try out some Onam outfits. The last time I saw her wearing Indian attire was for our bridal.  

But to get that real, auspicious feeling one needs to be back home as celebrations out here have turned out to be materialistic and sort of lacklustre, especially with “COVID” protocols in place. But I did reminisce of this time last year, when I saw many young men and women don the traditional attire. Here’s wishing every Malayalee in Dubai and around the world a very pleasant Onam.

Mathew Litty

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