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Jennifer Aniston

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Any fan of the television show “Friends,” I do not know anyone who isn’t, will understand the importance of the characters Ross and Rachel and their relationship through-out the series. The curiosity for that relationship was carried out into real life over the years of the show. This week we are taking a look at why people are so into celebrity relationships, especially the ones from the noughties.

From 1994 till 2004, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer and their characters in “Friends” took us on waves of ‘will they? won’t they?’ for 10 whole seasons. While the characters did eventually end up together, fans were always hoping for a real-life pairing between the two actors. You can understand the excitement when it was revealed during the reunion show a few months ago that the actors did in fact have feelings for each other at the time. Further excitement followed when it was reported that the pair had been spending time together lately, even though it has been denied by Schwimmer.

Another couple who have been getting a lot of attention recently are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The two were a couple between 2002-2004 and even got engaged, but the relationship did not last. They went on to marry and have children with other people. They both ended up divorced from their spouses and to the shock and joy of fans, after nearly 20 years since they first dated, the couple are back together again.

Bennifer, as Jennifer and Ben are more fondly known by fans, were first linked in May after they were pictured with each other in Montana. Since then they have confirmed that they are back together and fans are now waiting on the wedding. Actor Matt Damon has even commented on how “awesome” their reunion is. Read on to understand why fans are so interested in celebrity relationships from a psychologist’s point of view.

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