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Water woes

Drinking Water

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Yes, water is the most important thing for life. That’s the reason why scientists check for the presence of water first when they discover a new planet or even on Mars. Water means life. And death, if it comes uncontrolled such as the floods in Germany and the copious rainfall in China.

But the answer or the solution to water woes lies in taking care of the environment and addressing climate change. Sure, the earth has limited water and it’s unequally distributed. Rich countries like the US use a lot of it. While the developing countries like India have its citizens struggling to find water especially in the hotter months. What does this mean? It means that the trees and forests of the planet have to be preserved. For, drought happens generally in arid land. Remove the green cover from a place and the rainfall will decrease drastically and eventually stop. And that means drought.

The solution is simple of course, and one which the scientists have been saying over so many years — green cover should not make way for concrete or agriculture. Sure we need food and homes but if ingenuity is applied to make war weapons, why not in this circumstance?

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