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RTA's move to provide training to delivery boys is a step in the right direction.

Home delivery industry has got a tremendous boost since the COVID-19 hit us. Global leader Amazon raked in millions, thanks to the pandemic. But what about the delivery supply line, which includes car and bike riders, etc (“RTA launches special driving courses for delivery bike drivers in Dubai,” July 5, Gulf Today).

Door delivery and online purchases is the in-thing today. From electronics to books to groceries to meats to oven fresh pizzas and steaming hot biryanis, everything can be purchased online. And maybe come cheaper than store purchases because of the offers outlets dole out. While consumers enjoy the luxury of sitting at home and getting all their stuff at the doorsteps, the people involved in the delivery supply line go through a lot of hardships. In the UAE the temperatures outside are soaring so the delivery boys mostly on motorcycles bear the brunt of the harsh climate.

In light of this, the RTA initiative is a step in the right direction. The initiative is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to boost the safety and security of roads and the Dubai transport authority is directly overseeing the induction of these drivers in tailor-made training courses approved by the concerned bodies.

There is a lot of pressure on delivery boys to meet time deadlines, especially those working for food outlets. The fallout is that riders hasten to meet deadline endangering their own lives alongwith that of other motorists. An initiative like this will go a long way in minimizing road mishaps while educating riders on road safety.

Abdul Salaam
By email

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