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Impending doom


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his refers to the article “Arctic ice melting at record speed, triggers concern for animals,” (July 3).

Perhaps all that will remain at the end of the saga, if at all, will be these reports of the end of the world that we know. Or rather, the end of our world. Perhaps the climate disasters can be thought of as the proverbial asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs. Nothing remained of them except the fossilised bones, out of which we construct the story of their lives and their death.

Perhaps the civilisation that comes after the human species have destroyed themselves will wonder at this self-destructive species. If somehow the internet survives, these reports will remain as the testament of the destructive behaviour of the human species.

However the saddest part of the climate change saga is the animals that are losing their lives and their habitat. They don’t understand what’s happening and how their home is gradually being destroyed. For example, the polar bear doesn’t understand the changing demographics of the polar geography. Instinctively, the polar bear knows ice and knows to make a den in the ice. But when there is no ice, what does the polar bear do?

The changes in climate are affecting the migration patterns of birds and animals. It has affected their life cycle and nesting habits as well as water-hole searching habits. It has caused the extinction of many animals and plant species and continues to do so.

Joyce D
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