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UAE delivery riders are also taken care of

Delivery Riders

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Some professions carry a lot of risks, such as that of the firefighter, or highrise construction worker, or even those working in underground drainage systems. Add to this list that of delivery drivers for courier firms or online food delivery companies.

The safety and wellbeing of the people is uppermost in the mind of the UAE. It takes special care and effort to see that residents are safe and no harm befalls them. Hence it’s nice to see that even this segment of the population, who put their lives to considerable hazard while riding on the roads, is taken care of.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been teaming up with the drivers’ institutes to qualify instructors on training the delivery workers in the emirates. The courses are tailormade and approved by the concerned bodies.

The move towards the drivers is part of the drive to enhance the security and safety of road users in Dubai and that includes motorists and pedestrians. It also deals with the basics of the delivery jobs, logistics and electronic media companies in Dubai.

The course of training institutes has several basic components. In particular, the course will chalk out the rules to be followed by drivers for their safety and the safety of community members. This ensures a surefire check against any violation of rules.

However, there have been instances when these delivery drivers get hurt while riding amid the busy traffic, particularly at roundabouts that are not a traffic intersection. Such incidents are also taken into account.

How to react during traffic incidents and with emergency vehicles is also a vital part of the course. Other key components of the course include the legal onus of drivers, traffic regulations for the delivery driver, and how to tackle the different driving conditions. After the course ends, there is an assessment of the drivers’ knowledge.

The move to give such qualifications to drivers of delivery bikes is part of RTA’s continuous efforts to make customers happy, apart from curtailing traffic incidents.

The secure status of delivery riders is just not the concern of the authorities. Six years ago, a resolution was issued by the Dubai Executive Council, on the use of bikes in the emirate, to enhance the traffic safety procedures.

This is part of the move to pitchfork Dubai among the world’s top-notch cities in this regard.

There are specific cycling tracks kitted out with relevant signboards.  The idea is to sensitise bikers.

Cyclists would be slapped with fines if they step out of line. The Resolution was slated to be published in the Official Gazette.

The whole thing boils down to safety. The emirate makes solid efforts to see that the residents are secure in their homes and while moving out on the roads. Any breach of regulation is not tolerated or taken lightly.

The UAE is constantly and consistently striving to achieve the goals and objectives of health, safety and the environment in accordance with the latest international standards that guarantee a safe working environment for workers and customers in all its operations.

Occupational injuries are a major cause for concern for the authorities. With a modest salary, delivery riders brave the scorching heat as they go about their task. The risks they undertake in the bargain have to be taken into consideration.

This is where the UAE’s welfare spirit comes into effect, especially when the issue of the safety of such riders is concerned. It is this trait that endears the nation to all, including expatriates, who feel so safe and comfortable that for many it is their second home and they don’t feel like leaving it.

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