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Scant regard

Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram's 7-metre installation of the blue planet inside a cathedral. (Image Via Twitter)

Artists and scientists are doing everything in their power to convey the urgency of the repercussions of disastrous human activities on the planet. The latest is the installation by the artist Luke Jerram, of a 7-metre installation of the blue planet inside a cathedral. The image looks stunning, a bright blue globe, suspended as if in air, lighting up the space below it (“British artist Luke Jerram’s stunning installation of planet Earth stands irreplaceable, much like its reference,” July 1, Gulf Today).

The report states that the installation is irreplaceable, much like every work of art and much like the planet it refers to. However, it seems like the message of the artists who endeavour to create awareness about human destruction is conveniently swept under the carpet and more focus is shown to the beauty of the work of art.

When the awe dies down, the focus of the people will shift to other ‘glamourous’ stuff. However, then again, the reckoning is for the elected representatives to make policies that will keep in check the destruction. This is easier said than done. While most leaders are keeping themselves busy reviving the economies that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, little thought is given to the fast-degrading environment. The elected representatives have effectively washed their hands off something that will take place in the future – for, environmental degradation is not something that is immediate and that will be seen tomorrow. They want fast results, and the degradation is nowhere on the agenda as is obvious in the actions of the governments of the UK, Brazil, India, etc.

Joyce D
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