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Destroying Amazon


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This is with reference to the article “Bolsonaro defangs rules aimed at saving Amazon” (July 4).

This isn’t news, but adds to the repertoire of the news against Bolsonaro. His agenda is the destruction of the Amazon forests. The statistics aren’t good at all. “With environmental laws defanged, deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has surged further this year, rising 25% in the first five months of the year according to preliminary government data. In 2020, deforestation hit a 12-year high.”

Bolsonaro is not worthy to be seating in that chair. He should be removed from power urgently. Him being in power would only mean the continued destruction of the lungs of the world. While it is true that Amazon singularly should not be held responsible for generating oxygen for the majority of the world, it is necessary that the world’s oldest forests should be preserved. For the sake of the trees, the animals and the indigenous tribes that call the Amazon their home.

However, powerful countries should step in immediately to stop Bolsonaro. He wants power, and economic gain and he sees that there is only one way to it – by destroying the Amazon forests and converting the land into agricultural land.

While he might not be wrong, after all, all the world’s agricultural lands were once forest land, it is also necessary for the other countries to drive in suggestions for other ways to bring about a healthy economy, one that doesn’t involve destroying forests.

Mathilda Cruz
By email

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