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Billion Tree Tsunami Pakistan

Students take part in a tree plantation drive in Islamabad. (Image Via Twitter)

In today’s living environment at a full time high and no one can understand that better than a university student. And for that it is a very good scheme for students who want to get 20 extra marks for planting at least 20 saplings (“University students who plant saplings to get 20 extra marks,” Gulf Today, June 11).

These types of expenses come in many shapes and sizes in their lives only students have to plan it all. Let’s discuss the best saving scheme.

Pakistani Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul says the additional marks would be given to pupils for planting saplings as part of educational activities, similar to the extra marks given under the National Cadet Corps programme.

The government plans to incentivise students by offering 20 extra marks for planting at least 20 saplings, Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said.

“Under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for a clean and green Pakistan, full participation of the youth in the movement to plant more trees in the country will be encouraged through this legislation,” she said.

“Programmes like 20 Plants 20 Numbers will not only encourage the youth to be a part of this national goal but will also fulfil the dream of making Pakistan a green and prosperous country.”

There are not many things that are more rewarding than planting a tree sapling. Planting a young tree is an investment in the hope of the future.

They do their part to prevent soil erosion, store water, assist with adding beneficial nutrients to the soil, and help to counteract the effects of global warming.

Trees are incredibly beneficial to our environment. They beautify the landscape, provide shade from the sun, produce oxygen, supply fruit, and nuts, and invite essential bees and birds to your property. Trees continually purify the air around us.

A piece of legislation to this effect is being introduced in parliament and is aimed at integrating youth in the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami plantation project.

Sana Abdul Rahim
By email

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