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Return to normal life

Covid-19 restrictions in France

A waiter wearing a face mask serves customers at a cafe in Paris. Reuters

Pandemics have a history of disrupting and altering life in cities and communities. The main aims are to understand the impact of the pandemic on cities and to highlight major lessons that can be learned for post-coronavirus urban planning and design (France and Belgium relax more COVID-19 restrictions,” Gulf Today, June 10).

France and Belgium have started to move towards a normal life after relaxing their COVID-19 restrictions on Wednesday as these two countries allow restaurants and cafes to serve indoors, while the United States eased travel warnings for dozens of countries as vaccinations boost hopes of a return to normal life.

Though being deeply destructive, they have led to great improvements for the life of city dwellers.

With the easing of the curfew in France, venues are not only opening up inside, they’re open later outdoors too — an extra two hours to 11pm.

The new measures also saw gyms open their doors to the relief of eager fitness buffs.

This indicates hopes of a return to normal life as enjoying a coffee in a Parisian inn a transport employee Hammou Mraoui said, “It’s a pleasure to have a coffee inside. Normal life is gradually resuming.”

Belgium also relaxed restrictions, allowing cafes and restaurants to serve indoors from Wednesday, while mask-wearing rules were also eased in Brussels.

On the bright side, the relaxed curfew in France means crowds are now able to watch late evening French Open matches, no longer marched from Roland Garros before 9pm.

The US on Tuesday eased its warnings against travel to dozens of countries.

Sanjeesh Kumar
By email

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