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Tragedy on the tracks

Pakistan Train Accident

Efforts are on to remove damaged compartments and resotre the track.

The Pakistani Army and civil engineers have cleared much of the wreckage of carriages crushed like tin cans in the collision, and welders were finalising repairs to the damaged rails as early on Monday. In a tragic accident, a high-speed passenger train knifed through carriages of another express train that had derailed minutes earlier near Daharki in Sindh province (“Over 50 die, 100 hurt as trains collide in Pakistan, UAE condoles kin,” Gulf Today, June 8).

Three of my relatives died in 2005, in the same district, where about 130 people were killed when a crowded passenger train rammed into another at a station and a third train struck the wreckage.

Our Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was shocked by the ‘horrific accident’ and added that he had asked the railways minister to reach the site of the accident and ensure medical assistance to the injured and support for the families of those who lost their lives in the mishap.

The Millat Express, on its way to Lahore, and Sir Syed Express, going to Karachi, collided near the Mirpur Mathelo railway station.

Hats off to our military doctors and ambulances and those who have been dispatched from Pano Aqil and are participating in the rescue operations.

This is a challenging task. It will take time to use heavy machinery to free citizens still trapped.

Munawar Khan
By email

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