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Police in UAE enhance the human side of nation


The keepers of the law in the UAE are very kind, gentle and extremely helpful. WAM

Many people become very nervy when they have to deal with the enforcers of the law. In fact, they would rather avoid than deal with them, is the general perception.

There is also the view that they are very harsh in their treatment of people, whether they are suspects or just plain innocent.

Now, this may apply to policemen in some parts of the world. But the general notion that the law enforcers are cruel and have no sign of humanity is, however, far from the truth. The keepers of the law in the UAE are a totally different breed, who, contrary to the general view and unlike some other countries, are very kind, gentle and extremely helpful. As a Pakistani family in Sharjah found out much to their pleasant surprise, during a trip in the emirate. Their car broke down as they approached the Corniche area of Kalba.  

As they were at their wit’s end wondering what to do, a ‘superhero’ from Sharjah Police came to their rescue. He not only gave them his personal car for use so that their holiday mood was not spoilt but even ordered for a recovery van to tow the car away for repairs.

This is not the first time that the police in Sharjah have underlined their human face. They even rescued a child as he was about to fall from the window of a building in Khorfakkan.

The 12-year-old boy was hanging out of a high floor window and about to fall. The patrol officers’ quick response prevented a tragedy. It was later found that the boy was differently-abled.

Sergeant Ahmed Hassan Al Hammadi of the Traffic and Patrols Department helped a motorist whose vehicle suddenly broke down on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road.

This came after a resident thanked Sergeant Al Hammadi via a radio station, praising him for providing immediate and urgent assistance to him after calling the Central Operations Room at the Sharjah Police Command, reporting that his vehicle suddenly broke down on the highway.

He was honoured by Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander in Chief of Sharjah Police, who praised him for his benevolent act.

A European inmate last year got an emotional surprise from Dubai Police, after he was granted a visit from his only son that he had not seen for years. The sweet reunion was arranged by the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments. The inmate was sentenced to life in prison for committing a murder.

The Dubai Police have fulfilled the dream of an Asian child, who had always wished to welcome the force at his home and to ride in one of Dubai Police’s world-famous luxury cars.

A team from the Tourism Police Department, in coordination with the Security Media Department, went to Lucas’s house and surprised him with a uniform and Dubai Police toys. They then took the nine-year-old boy on a spin in a supercar police patrol across various areas in Dubai.

Dubai Police have returned expensive lost items to its rightful owners on various occasions, even to the tourists who have already left the country. Recently they returned an expensive watch to a tourist from Russia which she had lost during her visit to Dubai.

The tourist was surprised to receive the call from Dubai Police, and she was very grateful for getting back her expensive possession.

Even the Abu Dhabi Police have shown that they are quite charitable. The father of a recovered addict young man “Yousef” thanked and appreciated the Abu Dhabi Police and their partners from the competent authorities for their efforts in helping his son recover from drug abuse through the “Chance for Hope” initiative launched by the Anti-Narcotics Directorate.

The initiative allows treatment of drug addicts in a manner that ensures full confidentiality through awareness programmes.

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