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The supreme principle of ‘Live, And Let Live’

Central Vista Project

A sketch of the design of the new proposed Central Vista. Courtesy HCP Design, Planning & Management.

Robinder Nath Sachdev, Indo-Asian News Service

The Central Vista Redevelopment Project in the heart of New Delhi has run into a sharp controversy, especially over its timing and continuing construction during the peak times of Covid19 in India.

The project will see a complete revamp of India’s central and iconic administrative area, including the construction of a new Parliament, new buildings to House of the central ministries, and new residential complexes for the Prime Minister and Vice President of India.

The controversial project may continue, or may be paused, but in any case, in next 3 or so years, India will have a new central administrative district. The renovation is fairly justified since there is a reasonable case that many of the old buildings of the government and the present Parliament are running out of spaces or upgrades, and hence, a revamp of some degree is needed in next 4 to 5 years.

This column today is not going into the merits or de-merits for or against halting the project, or into the timing. On the other hand, this column of today is an earnest request that whenever this new vista is unveiled after completion, it should also showcase a majestic memorial monument dedicated to the lessons learnt during the historic Covid19 times.

Live. And let Live. A global pledge to Mother Earth and Humanity.

Covid19 times have been cruel to all of humanity in India and in the world. A memorial to the lives lost, a salute to the health and frontline workers, a testimonial to the spirit of common citizen helpers, and a reminder of pain and grief of families who lost their loved ones these are some values that the monument should radiate, globally.

The monument must also express a national and global resolve of peoples and governments that never again would we let our fellow citizens on this planet earth fall into such dire conditions, as have been wrought by Covid19.

Via this monument, the people and governments globally must take a pledge, and commit to upholding the respect and value of every human life. To radically commit themselves to strengthening public health infrastructure. To prepare public institutions and supporting social frameworks as may be needed to safeguard human lives from any national or global calamities that humankind may face in the future.

Last but not the least, this memorial must serve as a deafening and clarion call, that resonates across planet earth, and that plants a seed in every heart for the supreme principle of “Live. And let Live”.

Covid19 times are a strong message from Mother Earth to the humanity I will let you live, if you let me live. We are teetering on the edge of this cardinal principle, and unless we mend our ways and learn to “live and let live” with Mother Earth, we may very well get smacked hard, again. The memorial must be a testament to this spirit.

Apart from a behaviour and humility to co-exist with Mother Earth, and to respect her life while she nurtures us in her womb, Covid19 times have additionally re-shown us the value of life, and loved ones. And, have also served a stark reminder that each human life, of any faith, race, color, or creed, first and foremost wants to, needs to, live and to live healthy.

Covid-19 times have also brought forth a tsunami of strangers helping strangers. This spirit to help others to live, and be healthy, must be elevated as a heroic character trait that is celebrated, and that becomes a core and abiding belief for us in present, and in future generations across the world.

The memorial complex, tentatively named as “The. Live. And let Live. Monument”, must stand up as a shining beacon that sparkles and inspires all of us on planet Earth, and sends a message to the cosmos that we on Earth are stepping up our game to learn to live, and let live, amongst us, and with Mother Earth.

The Parliament of India shall soon convene for its next scheduled session. Per usual custom, one can estimate that the first meeting of the Parliament will be a joint session of the Lower House (Lok Sabha), and the Upper House (Rajya Sabha), which will be addressed by the President of India.

It is a humble request of this column that the President of India, in his address also announce that given the humanity-shaking experience of Covid19, it has been decided that the Central Vista Project will incorporate and dedicate a memorial monument to, “Live. And let Live”. India must shine this light for its own, and global, good.

In these historic times, destiny calls upon India to inspire, cajole its own people, and the global community, and to remind all of us that there is no other philosophy, no other behaviour that is as paramount to human life on planet Earth other than to live, and let live.

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