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Climate pledges


Pledges made by countries appear to be just empty claims.

I believe that articles such as ‘Climate pledges see world nearing Paris goal’ (May 8) are a waste of time and print space. We know that pledges haven’t really gotten anyone anywhere, especially pledges that are about climate change, or rather, pledges that address climate change.

Proof of this is the Paris Climate Agreement, which was very promising in its aims, but it remains, until this day, a pledge on paper.

Pledges made by countries’ governments are but tall empty claims made in the heat of the moment, to deceive the world’s citizens and perhaps buy them some more time in office. Of course such pledges also give fodder to the press to speculate, analyse and give hope that change will happen. And despite the pledge to cap global warming, there is a rider. The world’s nations need to cut their greenhouse gases to zero by 2050. Why then are more coal powered industries given the go ahead even today?

The general health of the world and the planet is the least on the minds of the different leaders

Evidence of the same is seen in the response to the pandemic. While some countries are opening up, some are buckling under its weight. One can see the pledges of equality and togetherness that were made in fear, at the beginning of the pandemic, don’t hold water now. Today it’s about who the richest country is and who has hoarded vaccines that they don’t need.

Abilasha D
By email

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