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Unending conflicts


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In this time of the pandemic, the world must pledge itself to cease all civilian conflicts, especially during the holy month of Ramadan (‘More than 200 Palestinians hurt in Al Aqsa mosque clashes with Israeli police’, May 8, Gulf Today).

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic already affecting the world well beyond its tolerance, it is unfortunate that we are yet to see an end to conflicts in different parts of the world.  Civilian conflicts during the past couple of decades have already killed several thousands, yet the root cause of some of the issues remains unresolved, hence the recurrence of conflicts.

The most saddening part is the fate of the elderly community, women and children whose welfare is desperately neglected in the unending conflicts.  It is the world’s responsibility to jointly fight against the virus, and not against humanity, especially during the current extremely difficult period.

Ramachandran Nair — Muscat

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