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The wrong direction


Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

So, the Oscars happened on Sunday night, and apparently, they were not vey good. This week we take a look at what happened at the 2021 Academy Awards which were broadcast from across several locations in America.

The award show did not have a host, which was probably the biggest mistake the Academy made. They needed someone upbeat and witty to steer the show in some direction, any direction. In my opinion James Corden would have been an excellent host, or even someone like Eddie Murphy.

On a positive note, there were several history making moments. The Academy has faced years of criticism over a lack diversity, however this year’s list of nominees had some notable firsts. Chloe Zhao bagged Best Director making her only the second woman to win that title. Her film “Nomandland,” starring Glenn Close, also won Best Picture.

Strangely, the award of Best Picture was not presented last as it has always been. It was given out before the Best Actor and Best Actress awards. I did not like this as there is always so much buzz over Best Picture and it should have been kept till the end so that the show ended on a high. I wonder why the Academy did that.

In other news this week, turn to our Sound Mind pages to read about the psychological impact of losing a partner you have been with for decades. There has been a lot of grief over the past year and people should seek help if they are feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope. There is always help available, never feel alone.

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