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Corona in Pakistan

Pakistani armymen step into public to make sure that COVID-19 SOPs are strictly followed.

It’s the government’s responsibility to enforce COVID-19 standard operating procedures if people don’t pay attention to its instructions. All COVID-19 precautionary measures taken by the government are to save the precious lives of people (“Army deployed to enforce COVID-19 SOPs,” May 26, Gulf Today).

In Pakistan, despite the government issuing regular warnings to follow the COVID-19 standard operating procedures, people took it easy and now the situation has become alarming because of the increase in daily coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

People have to understand that till coronavirus is completely eradicated from the world, they have to follow the COVID-19 standard operating procedures in their daily lives.

Pakistan Army’s troops patrolled Peshawar roads along with police and district officials to ensure enforcement of corona SOPs.

The officials sealed over 100 shops and detained more than 300 persons including shopkeepers on violation of the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The officials conducted raids in Saddar, University Road, Hayatabad, Kohat Road and Charsadda Road in Peshawar over breach of the COVID-19 precautionary measures. Three bakeries and scores of ice-cream and juice shops were sealed over the SOPs’ violation. Police registered cases against 20 persons in Gujranwala, while 22 shops were sealed and challans issued to 14 vehicles.

Every life is precious and matters a lot. It is so important to follow all coronavirus standard operating procedures to fight the deadly COVID-19.

The world is facing the third wave of coronavirus, as a result, millions of cases of coronavirus are emerging around the world and many people have lost their lives. If people pay attention to their government’s COVID-19 precautionary measures and follow them strictly, it will definitely change the situation in the most coronavirus-hit countries.

During the first wave and second wave of the coronavirus people cooperated with the government and followed its instructions seriously, because of it Pakistan managed well.

Now, as Pakistan has entered the third wave of coronavirus, the same spirit and strategy is needed to control the alarming coronavirus situation in the country. The government and people of Pakistan have to come together and fight against the third coronavirus wave bravely.

I hope that people will understand the seriousness of the coronavirus situation in Pakistan and follow the government instructions.

Shakeel Qureshi
By email

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