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Unimaginable situation


The alarming number of deaths along with rising cases are really a matter of concern.

This refers to the report ‘Delhi extends lockdown as cases jump; India shaken: PM’ (April 26).

Since a record number of positive cases and deaths are reported in the past few days, it seems no immediate end is likely to the crisis. The videos of families of patients in front of hospital gates are really shocking, as it showcases the pitiable situation, mostly faced by commoners.

If the daily cases further increase, it will certainly suffocate the nation whilst proving the inadequacy of the country’s health care facilities.  The actual situation on the ground may also be more tragic than what is seen over the media.  One can imagine the plight of those outside the hospitals and also at cremation facilities.

Along with positive cases, the alarming number of deaths is really a concern, and the question that will need an answer is to how all this happened and who is responsible. Has India lost its grip in the fight against Coronavirus?  

Assembly elections rallies in some of the states hosted thousands of people and top political leaders also ignored pandemic protocols. The second wave could have been avoided if stricter control measures were in place for some more time.

Instead of focusing on the very basic health requirements such as oxygen, medicines, hospital facilities, beds and ventilators, political parties and their supporters helped spread the virus through mass rallies and campaigns.

Let’s hope for a healthy return of the situation very soon.

Ramachandran Nair

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