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Deeply disturbing

India Covid-19 infections

Indian government and people need to gear up their efforts to stop COVID-19 infections. Reuters

The report ‘India now world’s second-most affected country by COVID-19’ (April 12) is deeply disturbing. The surge in positive cases shows the carelessness of the administration as well as individuals. People should adhere and comply with the control measures issued by the health authorities, like wearing face mask and maintaining social distancing.  Administrative authorities and the general public in crowded cities of the country are facing a tough time. A shortage of health facilities, especially to the needy community may arise, unless proper and effective control measures are put in place.

Meanwhile, it is unfortunate that campaigns during the recent state elections in the country witnessed mass gatherings by various political parties during which some of leaders also conveniently ignored the COVID-19 protocols, thereby jeopardizing the life of commoners.

And when it comes to vaccines, it is the government’s responsibility, together with other elected members of the parliament and state assemblies to ensure immediate availability of vaccines all over the country. It is not the time for divisions, but a time to work for the better of the nation.  

Ramachandran Nair

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