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This is with reference to the article ‘Parents should keep their children Net Safe’ (April 10, 2021) As we live in a world with the latest gizmos and smartphones, children are losing their interest in reading and writing as they spend most of the time on the internet. Especially, now with the education going online. Parents and teachers everywhere are struggling to find ways to manage today’s children at home and in classrooms.  Either zoned out or hyper, today’s child can’t seem to behave or pay attention, much less learn.

The advent of technology has caused profound changes in children’s development and their ability to learn. While today’s parents spend most of the time in their office trying to make both ends meet, they don’t know what their kids are doing at home.

When you do something on the net you see little ads popping up on the side of the screen which can be unsafe. But how much can parents control?  This is why I always support the move of working from home especially for parents who have children.  The best way now to monitor them is to be at home.

Cases of attention deficiency are increasing at an alarming rate among children, along with developmental disorders.  As children spend more and more time connecting with technology, relationships are deteriorating at a very rapid pace. While TV and computers may be compelling and interesting, burying our heads in technology is causing sensory deprivation and a “disconnect” from our real world. We need to work together as a collective, consisting of parents, teachers, and professionals, in finding ways on how we can assist children in living a well balanced life.

Mathew Litty

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