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A sure shot idea

Gun Control

A gun store employee speaks to a customer about the purchase of a 9mm handgun in Bridgeton, Missouri. Reuters

President Biden is making a first step to addressing gun control by requiring checks on “Ghost Guns”, not guns that make people ghosts but guns that are not regulated and are untraceable. The idea that these can be homemade or bought online by anyone is concerning. Of course, registering guns does not make them less deadly but it helps to know who could have fired them.

Why the NRA has so much power in America is puzzling for an outsider, like any Australian who has limited access to or contact with guns and little need for them. Guns in Australia are generally only used by the best and worst, the police and criminals although farmers and sportspeople have controlled access to them.

President Biden offers hope and yet he must know how hard it will be to make any significant change. Good luck sir.

Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia

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