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Smart lockdown

Corona in Pakistan

Pakistan has effectively used option of smart lockdown in previous waves of Coronavirus. Reuters

Countries like Pakistan have only one option – adopt a balanced policy – while fighting against the deadliest COVID-19 pandemic, it will be a disaster for the people of Pakistan if the government chooses a complete lockdown for the country due to the third wave of the coronavirus (“Pakistan can’t afford general lockdown, reiterates PM Imran,” April 1, Gulf Today).

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday ruled out a general lockdown while acknowledging the country was going through a third wave of the pandemic.

“We have to adopt a balanced policy where the spread of the virus can be prevented and where the poor man and the country’s economy are least affected,” Imran told a national coordinating committee meeting.

Pakistan has gone through a comprehensive process to control the lethal disease during the first and second wave of coronavirus in the country.

The government of Pakistan used all its available resources to identify the hotspots where people were battling with the coronavirus. Government officials under the supervision of the Prime Minister established smart lockdowns in highlighted areas and not only provided people medical treatment but also made sure that in the areas that were under smart lockdown people would get food at their doorstep on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that the government’s policy to face a difficult time bravely through smart lockdowns was the best policy to tackle the deadly virus and look after its people in the time of their need.

Government’s smart lockdowns policy allowed poor people to work for their living but with strict standard operating procedures.

Now in the third wave of the coronavirus once again Pakistan is facing a huge threat. According to reports Pakistan has reported 4,974 coronavirus cases and 98 deaths during the last 24 hours, which is alarming.

It is also a responsibility of the people of Pakistan to cooperate with the government and follow all instructions the government wants to implement, in which the government has imposed restrictions on large gatherings, public transportation, and made wearing a mask mandatory for everyone.  

The implementation of the above mentioned instructions are key to stop spreading the coronavirus to others. I hope the people of Pakistan will take all the standard operating procedures seriously and stay safe.

Shoukat Jigra
By email

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