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Hard to believe

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Nothing is to be believed about China. The news that it will vaccinate a city of 300,000 people is also perplexing. What have the population been up to all this while, while the world is creaking under the weight of the pandemic? (“China aims to vaccinate entire city in 5 days after outbreak”, April 2, Gulf Today).

Also, what is the progress of vaccination in China and what is the infection rate?

Since the beginning of the devastating pandemic, the Chinese government has been dicey with information. The figures that they reported about the number of infections in Wuhan as well as the death rate seem to be completely skewed. They have also hidden information from the world and did not give access to the WHO officials when they visited china recently to get to the origin of the pandemic.

The country is closeted. And yet the world trades with it. The world leaders aren’t concerned about the ethical value of trade, nor about the lives lost. They are concerned about making money.

China should have been punished. The way this can be done is to stop imports. There are other countries from where goods can be imported such as India and Vietnam. Until China gives an explanation and mends its ways, it should be boycotted.

Shaukat Nasir — By email

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