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Cherry Blossom festival

Cherry Blossom Festival Japan

Visitors wearing protective face masks admire blooming cherry blossoms amid the coronavirus disease pandemic, at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan. Reuters

The Cherry Blossom festival in Japan has started early this year, in fact the earliest ever since 812 when the event was first recorded. The festival signals the traditional sign of the start of Spring. The start of Spring is determined by nature and not by a calendar and nature knows that climate change is real and not just an occasional odd result (“Japan’s famous cherry blossoms bloom early due to climate change”, March 31, Gulf Today).

Since nature and scientists have recognised the effects of climate change why are there still so many that doubt it? Of course, the benefit might be that when it eventually starts to happen at Christmas time it will be easier for people to use their Christmas holiday break to go and see it.

Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia

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