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Rise in Covid cases

Corona cases in the US

Health care workers walk through the Texas Medical Center during a shift change as cases of the coronavirus disease spike in Houston. Reuters

The onset of the second COVID-19 wave across India has caused much havoc in Maharashtra and the state government is seriously contemplating another lockdown to contain the virus. Those countries who failed to implement COVID-19 protocol strictly, paid heavy prices already.

It is true that people can’t afford another lockdown. Since the mortality rate is significantly low, most people take COVID-19 lightly and that is the main cause for vigorous spike of virus in the country. Religious festivals and unnecessary gatherings accelerated the infection.  

COVID-19 protocols are being flouted either due to ignorance or due to over-confidence. Many people are not aware that people who recovered from COVID-19 still face some health issues. So too, vaccination doesn’t guarantee cent percent protection from re-infection or infection but enables the infection at manageable level.

People are not ready to abandon their habit of touching their noses frequently without thinking of the possible presence of the virus on their fingers. Not ready to wash their hands periodically. Only awareness about the pandemic together with vaccination will help control the virus.

Girish R Edathitta
By email

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