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In quest for water

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Is climate migration the new age migration? We have known that humans have been migrating ever since the evolution of the homo sapiens. They migrated out of Africa to other parts of the planet and colonised the whole planet. And even after that, there were migrations, because they were nomads. And when they did settle, they invaded other kingdoms.

The point is, is the climate migration in the same scheme of things? The reasons for migration, even back in those ages were different. People migrated from dry lands to oasis.

The stark difference between then and now is the technological advancements which have made the earth a small place. And the reason for today’s migration is human-made. Even so, it keeps up with, what I believe, is the intrinsic need to move.

Today’s migration is a bit dangerous. It means that with our follies we have destroyed that which sustains us and we will migrate to another community and put a strain on their resources.  

The consequences of climate migration are yet to be seen. Such migration is unprecedented. Some wise man once said, the third world war will be over water. Maybe now he will just be proved right.

Joyce D
By email

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