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'Wellness on Wheels' vehicles are serviing a great purpose.

The UAE has been playing a stellar role in not just containing the spread of COVID-19 but in being a leader as far as vaccination initiatives go. The recently launched Wellness on Wheels (WoW) drive which is providing COVID-19 vaccination across Dubai through mobile clinics is a novel way at reaching out to the populace (“Mobile clinics in Dubai to bolster COVID-19 vaccination drive,” Mar.8, Gulf Today).

It is such a privilege for me, as an expat, to be in this country which is going all out to keep its citizens and residents healthy and safe. Of course this also means we could well be on the path to speedy recovery with respect to the economy. And that means the Expo 2020 is on track. I have been waiting eagerly for that to take off.

We all know that the pandemic has put a spanner in the wheels of activities ranging from social gathering to sport to trade fairs to almost everything, actually. The quickest way out of the situation is the vaccine route. I read in the newspapers that thousands are vaccinated daily in the UAE and that the mobile clinics drive is another step in Dubai’s efforts to vaccinate 100% of all eligible adults by the end of the year. Great going, UAE.

Desiree R
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