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Ukraine Couple handcuffs itself

The Ukrainian couple dining together.

I think that handcuffing to avoid breakups is kind of weird and foolish. If the relationship issues cannot be solved through mature dialog, there seems to be a problem. For how long will handcuffing be able to save a relationship? For as long as the handcuffs stay on? (“Ukrainian couple handcuff themselves together to avoid breakups,” Mar. 14, Gulf Today).

While it seems a silly stunt, there are two takeaways from the act of the Ukrainian couple handcuffing themselves to each other to save their relationship. One is the publicity that they have gotten as a result of their story going viral. In this age and era, going viral is a good thing; it means publicity and revenue.

The other more personal thing is that their inner desire to want to work on their relationship even though the method they chose might not sound the most wise. But the important factor is the desire to work things out rather than give up on what they share. Perhaps wisdom will come out of this endeavour, who knows. Or perhaps it will prove that they can’t really bear each other?

But the article says that they are doing quite good so far. Fingers crossed that they will get there.

Rashmi Nair
By email

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