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Times have changed


Technology is meant to make life easier, and it delivers beyond expectations.

I believe that economists need to do something better with their time than debate about the use of digital and online services such as that of Google and Amazon (“Software might be beginning to show its worth,” Mar. 13, Gulf Today).

While the article says that the use of these services have proved their worth during the pandemic, similar to how the invention of electricity took time to show results such as a surge in manufacturing power.

However, the point to bear in mind is that the debate is moot because the value of digital services was obvious even before the pandemic. In fact, the 90s were when digital began to grow. Software was developed to automate many manual processes thus cutting back on production time. Technology was meant to make life faster and easier, and it delivered beyond expectations.

The computerization of banking services meant that one didn’t have to visit the bank for transactions, thus giving the customer more autonomy and liability and cutting risk for the bank. It also meant that the staff could concern themselves with profit based services.

Email meant faster communication and less paper.

When Amazon was only selling books, it meant you could get any book you wanted, which otherwise might not be stocked in your brick and mortar bookshop. Ebooks meant cheaper purchases and environmentally friendly.

Thus, to question the use of digital services now or back in time is a matter best wrapped up, because the gains far outweigh the cons.

Abilasha D
By email

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