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Yes it’s International Women’s Day and it’s lost its lustre. It’s overdone and done and dusted. Celebrating one day in the year to “glorify” women when the rest of the year goes by in taking them for granted. The Dalai Lama said that women in general are more sensible and sensitive than men and the world would have been a much better place had women been in the position of all the men that make world decisions. Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro, jinping, Modi. The list is endless.

Whereas the two countries that have shone are Germany and New Zealand, who have women leaders.

And so, on Women’s Day, I will write about that minority of men who have stood by their woman. On Monday Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry was aired. While the crux of the interview was the ill-treatment and the absolutely racist behaviour of the British media and British monarchy towards Meghan, a very important aspect is sidelined. And that is Harry’s love, support and belief in Meghan.

Harry stood by Meghan. Fully. Heart, mind, finances. He’s born a prince with a royal spoon. Yet, he has been objective when his wife was ill-treated. He chose her. He could have stood with the monarchy and asked her to deal with her issues, she married into them after all. It’s because of his love and support, that she could deal with her suicidal thoughts and the general malice. He took a big step of stepping away from the British monarchy instead of being blinded by it. If he were, nobody would blame him anyway.

And thus, he is exemplary. He is what every woman dreams of; a man who will support her, value her and stand by her

Women’s Day isn’t about women. it’s about these kind of men who value women.

Joyce D
By email

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