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How insensitive!

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The survival of the human species depends on keeping carbon dioxide levels in check.

In light of the article about the production of car tyres means that orangutans lose their habitat and their lives. Little do we think about the far reaching consequences of our consumption, isn’t it? Several auto-makers have announced the aim for a gradual shift to electric cars within the next decade. The idea is to reduce the amount of exhaust gases and thus the impact on the environment (“Razing of Sumatran forests spells trouble”, Feb. 3, Gulf Today).

But then, there are two notable points here. One is, the above aim is made keeping in consideration the survival of the human species, which depends on the health of the environment. The survival of the human species depends on keeping carbon dioxide levels in check and also curbing the effects of climate change. Thus, the resolution towards electric cars.

The other point is, as the article sheds light that any cars, whether electric or fuel based, means that rubber is required. And generation of rubber means massacring of rainforests and other forests for its cultivation. The auto-makers have chosen to be blind and oblivious to this fact. The reason is that the habitat of the orangutans doesn’t have impact on the survival of the human species. We destroy the orangutan’s habitat, the orangutan dies and we live. We drive in our cars and enjoy the luxury. While all the while orangutans are dying until their species is no more.

What have we become? We are the species that have begun to feed on its host. No longer is the motto live and let live. Instead it is, you die for me to live.

Sheetal Nair
By email

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