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Noteworthy drive

UAE Vaccine

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That over 40 per cent of the country’s population has received the covid vaccine is a very healthy sign, literally. The report states that the country is on track to meeting their vaccination target. Very encouraging indeed (“UAE vaccination drive covered 40% of the population,” Feb. 17, Gulf Today).

The UAE is also a leader in that respect. Alongside Israel it stands top globally in term of doses per 100 people. This means that the country will soon be in a strong position to attract holiday makers and travellers. It will naturally also help promote business activity.

The government has to be lauded for putting in place an extensive vaccination programme spanning all emirates. Of late cases have been on the rise, so surely the mass vaccination initiative will help control the spread of the virus. Hopefully we will be able to breathe easy in the coming days.

The other notable factor is the crackdown on offenders. The authorities have booked many offenders in the last few days. That indeed is a strong signal to the residents and organizers that they need to adhere to the rules.

We are all in this together. So I am at loss to understand what prompts offenders to put their lives and that of others, to risk. The health authorities are doing their maximum. Let’s cooperate.

Jemina Khatri
By email

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