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Climate change


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So there’s another article about the ice melting in Antarctica. Adds to the repertoire of climate change articles. But it doesn’t help. We could write a million more articles and it would not help the cause of climate change a bit (“Earth is losing ice faster today than in the mid-1990s: Study,” Jan. 25, Gulf Today).

Because it’s one thing to write. It’s another to implement the advice that’s in the articles. In the absence of policies and governments turning a blind eye to the issues at hand, these articles are meaningless. We might as well stop writing about climate change. Better write about capitalism, because that’s real and policies are always pro capitalism.

The next extinction is by humans. Not asteroids. And the path to that extinction is a downhill ride. Without breaks.

Instead of writing dreary articles about climate change, let us accept that the human race is selfish and self serving. Let us write about this quality, because, posterity, if it will exist, will have an understanding of what led to climate change.

Joyce D
By email

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