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Countries which are vaccinating their populations should make the process and the centres cheerful, even whilst inoculating scientifically and systematically. This will accelerate the vaccinations.

People across the world are excited to meet famous movie stars, dancers and singers. In communities which are sluggish or reluctant to take the jabs, the presence of a movie star for the day, will enthuse people to take the jab. Imagine if Tom Cruise of Scarlett Johansson took the jabs at a community centre and stayed on for the day, chatting with the locals. It would draw out the most reluctant residents. In Latin America music and dance can enliven the process and draw people to the vaccination centres.

Most international airports have massive waiting areas. Due to the pandemic, most international flights are suspended. So, the free spaces can be used for vaccinations. Airports can play lively and vibrant music on the public address systems, to enliven the vaccinations. Similarly, trains have been suspended or are running skeleton operations in many countries. Empty railway platforms can also be deployed for vaccinations.

Maybe, when a village, town or metro city completes its targeted inoculations, a celebration festival could be organised. Most people across the world have missed celebrating Christmas, Eid, Diwali and New Year in 2020. So, when a village, city or a nation inoculates all its citizens, it is time to light a candle or a cracker.

Rajendra Aneja
Mumbai, India

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