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Joe Biden Swearing-in

Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, with his wife Jill Biden at his swearing-in. File/Reuters

Trump and his strong legion of followers have tasted sweet defeat. Biden and the dems have trumped albeit by the skin of their teeth. Whether US will be a force to reckon with or not is not as paramount at this juncture in time as the return of normalcy after the unbelievable attack on the Capitol (“Under Biden US will be a force for good again,” Jan. 25, Gulf Today).

The author says that the swearing-in of the former Vice President heralds a new dawn not just in the United States but the world as well. While that may be true, the road ahead is unlikely to be easy. The country has been so badly mutilated in the last four years that Biden and his team have a mountain to climb, and the proverbial ‘miles to go’ before rest can come.

Of course Biden and Kamala should make a very strong team. It’s ideal on many fronts. And we hope they will come good on their promises. The road ahead is rocky, but at least now we can hope to see America being on the path of being great, once again.

Caroll Smith
By email

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