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Leave in peace

White House

Donald Trump won't be properly handing over the White House to Joe Biden.

Although there are only days to go the Trumps have not invited the new tenants, the Bidens, over for a welcome cup of coffee. They will miss the opportunity to pass on important information including, watch out for the toaster as it burns the toast most times, you don’t have to worry about the house plants as someone waters them for you and for some reasons all the TVs seem to be stuck on Fox News.

The tradition of welcome and a respectful hand over as the Obamas, Bushs, Clintons and others have done for the last century or more is symbolic part of the inauguration but not this time. It’s almost sad to see a negative finish to a very negative presidency when it would have been so easy to do and force a smile as probably many of the previous occupants have done.

The other departing tradition of leaving a message for the next occupant in an envelope will be interesting. It will probably say “I’ll be back” but without the accent or credibility. It might be written with the big black marker or a crayon which might symbolise the childish behaviour.

Leave in peace but please leave the political world.

Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia

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