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Where to go soon


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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Travelling is a great difficulty what with bans to entering some countries, strict quarantine rules to others and to some, absolutely no issues upon entry. In fact, travel companies are encouraging you to visit several countries. What do you do? You hold tight and wait for your bucket list of trips which we bring to you this week. We suggest you keep a journal of all the places you want to visit for when this chaos is over and we are free to go and come without the fear of catching COVID-19.

First on our list of “bucket-list” trips is to climb Mount Everest. Laughing, are you? Don’t laugh, if you put your mind to it this trip will be the one you don’t forget your entire life. Of course, you cannot just go and climb Everest on a whim. It needs proper planning and at least a year to get you physically ready, hopefully you are already a little bit ready, anyhow. This is one to go for.

Imagine viewing the Northern Lights from a hot air balloon in Swedish Lapland. This is entirely possible, and you will hopefully be safe from corona up there. The corona virus has really shaken then earth to its core.

It is not someone we casually talk about and say oh it will pass soon. Have you been affected by it?

I pray not. But I was affected by it this week. It took a family member and I cannot begin to describe the shock, the sadness and the emptiness it leaves behind. I pray this vaccine makes a world of difference, and I ask you all to not only wear a mask, but to take all the safety precautions being advised and hope that is stays away.

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