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Battle not over yet


Scientists and researchers deserve praise for their outstanding work.

Apropos with the latest talk in the town about COVID-19 vaccines, I am glad that finally, we have found a suitable remedy.  As we all are aware, we have been living with this for a year and the virus still continues to haunt us. There are so many who lost their precious life, many employees made redundant, businesses ground to a halt, etc, etc.

Through a lot of research, study and diagnosis a number of vaccines have finally reached us. But this does not give us the advantage of thinking that the battle is over and that we can let our masks down. We can’t, because we could still be spreading the infection to others, even though some of us are protected because of the vaccine.

Besides this, its winter time and temperatures in UAE are dropping. It’s a time when we are more prone to contracting flu and cold. And a healthy immune system can help us tide over. That is why I always advise my family and friends to keep themselves fit and try to workout when time permits, get an adequate amount of sunlight and drink plenty of water and natural juices so as to keep immunity levels high.

Having said that, I would like to say a big thank you to all the scientists and researchers, who worked hard in developing vaccines for COVID-19.

Mathew Litty

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