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Royal message

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Prince Harry with Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit social media should be a precedent for the rest of us too. With whatsapp mired in privacy controversies and Facebook being unethical with their sharing of data of millions of users, it is the wisest decision to say goodbye to these platforms.

While Harry and Meghan are quitting social media because of being harassed, the rest of us aren’t far behind from them. We will never be able to gauge the amount of privacy breach to our personal details that are on Facebook, Instagram and even in our Gmail accounts.

The trolling is high and more than we know. A search of a keyword in Google turns up ads in Facebook about the same keyword. Our lives aren’t as private as we think. In fact it is like washing dirty linen over the internet.

Back to the point, perhaps we must take Harry and Meghan’s decision seriously and think about our privacy too.

Joyce D
By email

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