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Democracy in peril


An ugly scene of smoke and commotion at the Capitol Hill.

People around the globe grudgingly watched how supporters of President Trump stormed the United States Capitol on Wednesday.

The extraordinary breach of democratic order received condemnation from a number of the world prominent political leaders, official and diplomats.

The United State of America is a country which prefers to advocate right of freedom and its importance to the world. But it miserably failed to preserve the fundamental values of liberty in its own country. The recent violent incidents have forced people to believe that it is a product of the President’s delusion, egoism and deliberate provocation. Hence in doing so he has tarnished not only his own image but that the US presidentship.

In a democracy, the verdict of voters is final. This strong voice in a democratic process should not be thwarted. Political leaders who refuse to accept election result stand as hurdles in the smooth functioning of the administrative system.

During an election, officials ensure that all efforts are in place to conduct elections in a free, fair and fearless manner and the same process is followed in declaring election results. The Capitol incident not only casts a dark shadow on the US image but is an affront to democratic ethos.

Hanif A. Patel
Gujarat, India

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