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Uphill task for Biden


Joe Biden

Please refer to your report regarding the invasion of Capitol Hill in Washington, by Trump’s supporters. There is an additional feature of the march of the protestors, on the Capitol building. In the invasion of the Senate, most of the protestor were not wearing any masks. Everyone was jostling together, without any social distancing, whatsoever, in COVID-19 times.

This is perhaps the first time, in the history of the US, that ordinary citizens have stormed Capitol Hill and occupied the Senate floors. Even the World War II or the Vietnam war did not evoke such strong feelings and agitations. Even as everyone condemns the violence and mourns the death of a protestor, we must also ponder on the issues that evoke such strong feelings among Americans. After all, President Trump, did win 46.8 percent of the popular vote. So, almost half of America did support him and his policies.

Clearly a large section of America, agrees with his insular, anti-immigration, policies. Many white Americans, particularly at the worker and supervisory categories, feel that their country is being taken over by Afro-Americans and Asians. The American economy is not in the best of heath. So there is widespread concern that in future jobs opportunities, and social security systems could be under pressure.

President Trump’s supporters are the original white inhabitants of America. Why are they upset? Someone has to understand their insecurities and address them. Donald Trump may not be President after 20 January 2021. However, the issues that he raised, which garnered 48 per cent of American votes for him and which galvanised thousands of them to occupy Capitol Hill, yet remain. The issues have to be addressed.

President-elect Joe Biden, will have to play a very constructive and healing role. He will have to bring various groups together and assuage any hurts and wounds.

Rajendra Aneja
Mumbai, India

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